Check Maximum RAM Capacity of Your Computer

Have you ever thought about upgrading your PC RAM to larger capacity? The larger capacity of the memory, the more programs your PC can run at the same time. But what is the maximum RAM capacity of your PC? You don’t need to search your PC model on the internet for the answer. Let us show you how to check it conveniently.


Step 1. Open Run by pressing Windows key + R. Then insert cmd and press Enter.


Step 2. Copy the command – wmic memphysical get maxcapacity to the Command Prompt window and press Enter. Then you will see the maximum capacity of RAM is shown below.

unnamed (40)

The Last Step. Convert kilobytes to gigabytes. 

33554432KB / 1024 = 32768MB, 32768MB / 1024 = 32 GB

unnamed (41)

The result is the maximum capacity of RAM that your PC can support.


Note: Your computer might support 1 piece 32GB or 2 pieces 16GB for 32GB total, please get in touch with our support for more information.


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